Products for Small Animals

The Old Picture House Pet Shop stocks an incredibly wide selection of products for small animals, including a number of premium food brands which offer natural ingredients for little critters.

With the knowledge of our expert and friendly staff, we’re certain we can offer you with everything needed to keep mice, hamsters, rats, gerbils and rabbits – and so much more – happy and healthy!

Quality homes for rodents

We stock spacious, well-made and luxurious homes for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and a variety of other rodents. They’re also extremely easy to clean and will provide near-endless entertainment and comfort for your pet!

Sky Pets indoor cages

Sky Pets produce some of the best indoor rabbit and guinea pig cages available in the UK, being extremely robust and providing spacious living for even the biggest of rabbits!

Burgess Excel

Burgess is a leading UK manufacturer that caters for a range of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats and ferrets. They only use the finest natural, locally sourced ingredients in their recipes to help ensure happy, healthy pets.

Local hay and straw

Picture House Pet Shop has it’s own supply of straw and hay, which makes excellent bedding for a number of animals including rodents and poultry. All our hay and straw is provided directly to us from a local farm and is of the highest quality.

Looking for something else?

We have more products available in our store than we can list online! Give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to help – or better yet – visit our shop! Pets welcome!