Dogs & Puppies

We supply a wide range of premium dog foods, including various grain-free brands such as Orijen, Canagan, Simpsons and Applaws. We also stock many dog care items, fun toys and natural, tasty treats for wagging tails of any age and size!

Cats & Kittens

With our fantastic range of supplies for cats and kittens, your feline friend will simply purr with satisfaction at the wholesome food, toys, care products, accessories and other lovely goodies we have to offer!

Small Animals

Our store has all the small pet products you could ever need for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and so much more!


We have some of the most varied selections of live fish, aquatic plants, food and equipment available in the area!

Birds and Wildlife

Our independent store stocks many different types of food and equipment for all sorts of wildlife, as well as for birds and poultry too.