Premium Dog Food

We now stock an incredibly wide selection of premium dog food products from reputable brands which offer grain-free, high-protein and natural ingredients for both dogs and puppies.


An award-winning Canadian pet food maker with over 25 years’ experience in biologically appropriate pet diets. Made from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients in their award-winning kitchen in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN can help keep man’s best friend healthy and strong.


Britain’s finest grain-free dog food that closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with the correct ratio of meat protein, fat and carbohydrate. It has a much higher meat content than most pet food brands too, sourced from superior quality fish, chicken, game alongside selected vegetables.

Simpsons Premium

This unique combination of high-quality ingredients gives your pet all the nutrition it needs from a hassle-free dry dog food. With As Simpsons’ guarantee natural products, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving the very best nature has to offer.


Both Applaws 100% natural wet and dry dog food are packed with human-grade ingredients, including fresh chicken, beef and fish. It’s also accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation, following strict codes of practice to meet the highest standards of food production.


AATU understand that all dogs require key basic elements from their diet to live a fulfilled and healthy life, and that meat is the main essential ingredient as part of that. They focus on an evolutionary animal feeding that is high in natural animal protein, grain free and without artificial ingredients.