New Range of Aquatic Products!


Hikari aquarium fish food (and pond food too) is a premium quality product that caters for the needs of even the most specific dietary requirements of fish, helping to maintain and even improve their health. Based in Japan, they have researched and manufactured highly nutritious fish food for well over a century. We now stock a diverse range of their products – be sure to give them a try today!

Evolution Aqua

We carry stock of certain lines and can also order anything from their massive range of aquatic products, which mainly focus on pond products. We stock two award winning products from Evolution Aqua; ‘The pond bomb’ (which is the best thing on the market for solving certain problems in ponds) and ‘Pure’ (which does essentially the same thing but in fish tanks).


Eheim are the market leader in aquatic products, including aquarium air pumps and both internal and external filters. Their products are widely regarded as some of the best on the market and are not readily available in all shops. We however have access to their complete product range and can provide their fish tanks to order, too.